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Alwyn Raney - Fused Glass Jewellery ArtistHi, let me introduce myself, my name is Alwyn Raney, I have just turned 70. I have just started a small one-man Jewellery business making Glass Jewellery. Let me tell you a bit about me.

I worked for the Royal Mail from 1965 as a messenger boy delivering telegrams on a 125cc BSA Bantam motorcycle, until I was 18, they were in the good old days.

From there I progressed to a postman on deliveries outside in all weathers. I then worked as a PHG (postman higher grade) which was inside work at a sorting office, then after doing all sorts of postal work and getting promotions I ended up as a delivery manager.

I retired at the age of 52 and went to our city college on a two-year brick laying course, at the end of that I passed my exams and was awarded a city and guilds certificate.

Over the next few years I did odd jobs, also my wife and I bought a villa in Corfu Greece, where we spend long periods of time enjoying ourselves.

I had always wanted to work with glass as it intrigued me so much with the things that you could make with it. I enrolled on some courses to learn about glass such as Stained Glass working with lead, Stained Glass working with copper tape and Fused Glass, well I loved all of them. The tutor who was teaching me was so good so interesting and instead of just letting you sit there listening to what he was saying, he firstly would show you how to work with the glass then he would let you have a go. After he thought you were confident enough to work the glass he would then give you a project to make and take home with you, well I was hooked. My tutor even wrote me out a list of tools to buy just to get me going and where to buy them from, I wish I had taken this up years ago.

So we turned one of our rooms into a small studio where my wife who makes cards and I would both work. I first started to work with Stained glass using copper tape, and made glass panels of flowers and abstracted forms.

I got a small microwave kit to use and in this I did produce some very good small pieces of Jewellery , and you know what it just gave me the bug even more.

I invested in a Kilncare Hobbyfuser 3 Kiln which I found fantastic and easy to use. I have produced so many things in it now, so as I started to show different people what I was producing they said that they were very good so I thought I would try to sell some on line, then came up with the idea of my own website, alwynsfusedglassjewellery.co.uk so this is where we are today.

I hope this short story about my road through life does not bore you, but enlightens you that you are never to old to take on something new. Please view my jewellery and enjoy.

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All the best,